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The Humanloop Platform

Humanloop makes it easy for developers and ML engineers to build their own natural language AI applications. Our suite of tools lets you really quickly get annotated data, train and then deploy models that continuously improve.

You can use the tools together for an end-to-end experience or integrate with other tools you know and love like Hugging Face or SpaCy.

Teams use Humanloop to add language AI to their applications or automate processes that require language understanding.

With Humanloop you can:

  • Use Programmatic labeling and active learning to extremely rapidly get high quality annotated data.
  • Annotate textual data with teams and have good processes for quality assurance and review.
  • Automatically train and deploy models on infrastructure that scales to millions of predictions at low latency.
  • Set up Human-in-the-loop processes with hybrid teams of people and AI models.
  • Continuously improve your models