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Get Public Project

Use this endpoint to get metadata for publicly accessible projects.

Path Parameters
shared_id Shared Id REQUIRED

Successful Response

shared_id Shared Id REQUIRED
name Name REQUIRED
description Description
inputs object[] REQUIRED
data_type DataTypes REQUIRED

Possible values: [text, categorical, multi_categorical, quantitative, character_offsets, url, ordinal_regression, file_pdf]

An enumeration.

name Name REQUIRED
description Description
display_only Display Only REQUIRED
outputs object[] REQUIRED
input Input
labels object[] REQUIRED
name Name REQUIRED
task_type TaskTypes REQUIRED

Possible values: [classification, multi_label_classification, sequence_tagging, ordinal_regression]

What ML tasks we support for our outputs


Validation Error

detail object[]
loc string[] REQUIRED
msg Message REQUIRED
type Error Type REQUIRED