Manage API keys

API keys allow you to access the Humanloop API programmatically in your app.

Create a new API key

  1. Go to your Organization's API Keys page.
  2. Click the Create new API key button.
  3. Enter a name for your API key.
  4. Click Create.

  1. Copy the generated API key and save it in a secure location. You will not be shown the full API key again.

Revoke an API key

You can revoke an existing API key if it is no longer needed.


This may break production systems

When an API key is revoked, future API requests that use this key will be rejected. Any systems that are dependent on this key will no longer work.

  1. Go to your Organization's API Keys page.
  2. Identify the API key you wish to revoke by its name or by the displayed trailing characters.
  3. Click the three dots button on the right of its row to open its menu.
  4. Click Revoke.
  5. A confirmation dialog will be displayed. Click Remove.