Using OpenAI Functions

Leverage OpenAI Functions in Humanloop via our SDK or Playground.

Humanloop supports OpenAI functions - a powerful feature that enables you to pass function definitions to the model and receive structured data in return. OpenAI functions can be used within Humanloop in two primary ways - via our SDK or directly in our Editor interface.

OpenAI functions are implemented as tools on Humanloop. Tools follow the same universal json-schema definition as OpenAI functions. These tools are sent as OpenAI functions when running the OpenAI chat models that support function calling.

Our SDK allows you to integrate OpenAI functions into your existing projects, while our Playground provides a user-friendly environment to explore and experiment with OpenAI functions in real-time.

The guides in this section are designed to help you understand how to work with OpenAI functions within Humanloop, whether you're coding with our SDK or experimenting in our Playground.

  • Use OpenAI Functions with the Humanloop SDK - This guide will walk you through the process of integrating OpenAI functions into your projects using our SDK. You'll learn how to define and manage tools (our term for OpenAI Functions) and how to handle function calls and responses.

  • Using OpenAI Functions in Humanloop Playground - For a more interactive approach, this guide will introduce you to creating and experimenting with OpenAI functions directly in our Playground. You'll learn how to create, edit, and manage functions.