What is Humanloop?

Humanloop helps developers and product teams build high-performing applications on top of large language models like GPT-4. We help you solve the most critical workflows around prompt engineering and evaluation.

Humanloop provides you with tools for rigorously evaluating the performance of LLM applications, both from human feedback and automated evaluations. We make it easier to prevent regressions and give you confidence in your production deployments.

Our interactive editor environment allows domain experts/PMs and engineers to work together to iterate on prompts. You can use it to experiment with new prompts and retrieval pipelines, debug issues and compare different models. All the work you do in the editor has history and versioning.

Overtime, Humanloop becomes your team's Content Management System (CMS) for AI prompts. It's the place where production prompts live, alongside evaluation data and it's where teams come to collaborate on improving their LLM based applications.