Evaluations improvements

We've released a couple of minor useability improvements in the evaluations workflow.

Organization slug in URLs

We have altered routes specific to your organization to include the organization slug. The organization slug is a unique value that was derived from your organization name when your organization was created.

Editor - copy tools

Our Editor environment let's users incorporate OpenAI function calling into their prompt engineering workflows by defining tools. Tools are made available to the model as functions to call using the same universal JSON schema format.

Allow trusted email domains

You can now add trusted email domains to your organization. Adding trusted email domains allows new users, when creating an account with a matching email, to join your organization without requiring an invite.

Single sign on (SSO)

We've added support for SOO to our signup, login and invite flows. By default users can now use their Gmail accounts to access Humanloop.

Editor - insert new message within existing chat

You can now insert a new message within an existing chat in our Editor. Click the plus button that appears between the rows.

Offline evaluations with testsets

We're continuing to build and release more functionality to Humanloop's evaluations framework!

Claude instant 1.2

We've added support for Anthropic's latest model Claude instant 1.2! Claude Instant is the faster and lower-priced yet still very capable model from Anthropic, great for use cases where low latency and high throughput are required.

Improved error handling

We've unified how errors returned by model providers are handled and enabled error monitoring using eval functions.

OpenAI functions in Playground

We've added support for OpenAI functions to our playground!