Dataset Files & Versions

In our recent release, we promoted Datasets from being attributes managed within the context of a single Prompt, to a first-class Humanloop file type alongside Prompts and Tools.

Mixtral 8x7B

Keeping you up to date with the latest open models, we've added support for Mixtral 8x7B to our Editor with a Replicate integration.

Surfacing uncommitted Versions

We now provide the ability to access your uncommitted Prompt Versions and associated Logs.

Improved navigation & sidebar

We've introduced a sidebar for easier navigation between your Prompts and Tools.

Claude 3

Introducing same day support for the Claude 3 - Anthropics new industry leading models. Read more about the release here.

New Tool creation flow

You can now create Tools in the same way as you create Prompts and Directories. This is helpful as it makes it easier to discover Tools and easier to quickly create new ones.

Tool editor and deployments

You can now manage and edit your Tools in our new Tool Editor. This is found in each Tool file and lets you create and iterate on your tools. As well, we have introduced deployments to Tools, so you can better control which versions of a tool are used within your Prompts.

Prompt labels and hover cards

We've rolled out a unified label for our Prompt Versions to allow you to quickly identify your Prompt Versions throughout our UI. As we're rolling out these labels across the app, you'll have a consistent way of interacting with and identifying your Prompt Versions.

Committing Prompt Versions

Building on our terminology improvements from Project -> Prompt, we've now updated Model Configs -> Prompt Versions to improve consistency in our UI.

Online evaluators for monitoring Tools

You can now use your online evaluators for monitoring the logs sent to your Tools. The results of this can be seen in the graphs on the Tool dashboard as well as on the Logs tab of the Tool.